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Man Arrested After Uploading Seditious Statement On Instagram

Picture: BERNAMA

Instagram is a place where people can express themselves. Nevertheless, a man uploaded a seditious statement on his Instagram account, and his actions may lead to conflict among the people in Malaysia.

According to Selangor Contingent Police regarding this matter, they received a report from a local at Ampang Jaya Police Station. The report was made due to the dissatisfaction of the complainant on a fifteen-second video on Instagram.


Picture: Inc. Magazine

Through the investigation, the police found that the video made an unpleasant statement regarding The Agong’s appointment of the Prime Minister. Aside from that, the person behind the video also labelled one of the races in Malaysia as corrupt. Not only that, but the person also made a seditious statement by asking the public to revolt against the institution.

A police team raided a house located at Kajang on the 22nd of November, at 10:30 p.m. A man who is also the person behind the video has been arrested by the police. The 35-year-old man will be detained starting today until the 25th of November for further investigation.

On a side note, the police advised the public to abide by the law and implement the National Principles. This is to ensure the people in Malaysia have unity and live in harmony. The police also asserted that they will take action againsts any person who tries to threaten the country’s safety.


Picture: Polis Selangor (Facebook)

Source: Polis Selangor (Facebook) 

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