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The Queen Of Selangor Commanded Selangor Authorities To Revamp Stray Dog Shelters

Picture: Four paws & Selangor Royal Official

The Queen of Selangor, Tengku Permaisuri Norashikin commanded Selangor municipal councils to revamp the dog shelters under their service. This also includes the cats. Her Majesty is sad to see the condition of the dogs from a video that has been viral recently.

As the patron of the Stray Free Selangor (SFS) campaign, Tengku Permaisuri Norashikin urged the local authorities to re-examine a new holistic approach in managing these animal shelters. Her Majesty realized that most of the animals at the shelters are not looking well and the animals are also malnourished. Thus, she wanted a Standard-Operating Procedure (SOP) to be re-examined.


Picture: Oyen Pet Insurance

If the old SOP truly helps the animals, none of the animals would be in a poor state, like in the viral video. Therefore, these are some ways to manage these poor creatures through Create Caring and Compassionate communities (CCC) Campaign.

1) Enhance the collaboration between municipal councils and the people.
2) Municipal councils with the help from SPCA Selangor will hold a sharing session on Responsible Pet Ownerships (RPO) with the people.
3) Schedule a time visit to the animal shelters.
4) Placing animal welfare officers with animal lovers in each district zone. Train them to promote the spaying (neutering) of abandoned animals under the SFS campaign.
5) Take advice from SPCA and NGOs if there is a need in to dispose of these animals.

With these proposals, a lot more of people would care about the welfare of these animals.

Source: Selangor Royal Office (Facebook)

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