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Diver Unconscious When Diving 401 Feet Below Surface

Picture: miguel_apnea (Instagram)

There are many extreme sports that people enjoy doing. One of them is diving. This activity connects us with nature underwater. Aside from that, we can learn to appreciate more about our environment more. However, no matter how fun it may sound, underwater diving can be dangerous.

It is not exceptional for Miguel Lozano, a Freediving Vice World Champion. Lozano ended up unconscious when he was 410 feet below the surface. He posted a video of the incident on his Instagram account. He was seen being saved by several other divers when he blacked out.


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A post shared by Miguel Lozano (@miguel_apnea)

Lozano revealed that his team rarely shared with the public about accidents that occur during freediving to avoid a bad image. Besides that, it is meant to bring freediving closer to the general public.

Talking about his unconscious state, Lozano added that incident like this seldom happens. 

“Blackout rarely occurs, but when it happens, as part of our sport and with the appropriate protocols, as you can see in the video (as it would happen in other sports like climbing), I had no consequences.”


Picture: The Freedive Cafe

Luckily, other divers including the cameramen were there when he was diving. It would become a tragedy if there were no one there to assist him when he blacked out.

Lozano is a professional diver and is the world’s fourth deepest — 122 metres (Free Immersion).

Sources: LadBible, miguel_apnea (Instagram)

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