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Our Oceans Are Littered With More Than 171 Trillion Pieces Of Plastics

Picture: rePurpose Global

We have always known that plastics are bad for the environment. It takes hundred to a thousand years to decompose them. Not just that, they are harmful to the living things on our earth.

We mostly hear that plastic kills animals in the sea. Yes, turtles, dolphins, and other species are affected by plastics.

According to BBC, our oceans are now littered with more than 171 trillion plastic pieces or microplastics. The total of the plastics is from discarded and already broken down plastics.

The single-use items like bottles, packaging, fishing equipment, and more eventually break down into smaller pieces. It happens because of exposure to sunlight and mechanical degradation.

Undersea creatures like whales, turtles, and fish, are in danger as they might die of starvation from eating the plastic pieces. Shockingly, microplastics also have been found in human lungs, veins, and placentas by water-drinking. Nevertheless, scientists do not yet know if microplastics can affect human health.


Picture: BBC

The Mediterranean Sea has the highest concentration of microplastics.

We, as the people who are residing on earth must know our responsibility in saving the planet. Limit the use of plastics and do not throw them in the sea.

Save our planet.

Source: BBC

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