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This Boy Gives Waste Collectors Some Drinks Each Time They Come

Picture: @suriaazalinmohdsa

Waste collectors are those people who collect rubbish from house to house. They are among those people who care for the cleanliness of the environment. Nevertheless, we, as people who also inhabit the earth, should care for environmental hygiene. If it is not us, who else would?

Of course, it is the waste collectors’ job to collect rubbish. However, it does not take much to help them by throwing the rubbish correctly, by putting them in the plastics.

In a video shared by @suriaazalinmohdsa, she captures her son waiting outside their house when the waste collectors come. This boy is such a sweetheart!


setiap kali lori sampah lalu klu kt umh ad air botol @ air kotak msti abg Qayyum akan bg kt abg² lori sampah tu..skrg adik pn nk ikot tlg bg jgk … Alhamdulillah moga abg sentiasa bg contoh yg baik pd adik🥰🥰🥰

♬ Anak – Achey

He is waiting for them to pass by him, so he can give them some drinks. Even at a very young age, this boy has been taught to appreciate these people who care for the environment’s cleanliness.

Being a waste collector is not an easy job. Sometimes, they have to work under the scorching sun to make sure an area is free from rubbish.

From the caption of the video, it is known that the little boy’s brother also has done the same thing for the waste collectors. Each time when the waste lorry comes, and if they have drinks to share, they will get ready outside their house.

People are loving this boy’s attitude:


Picture: @suriaazalinmohdsa

May these boys grow up to be wonderful gentlemen.

Also, let’s thank every waste collector for their service.

Source: @suriaazalinmohdsa (TikTok)

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