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How Would You Describe A Woman’s Already-Ironed-Tudung? “Periuk Api!”

Picture: @nana_izwan

A woman‘s day is ruined when her tudung or shawl does not meet her expectation. Some people might say, “It looks fine,” or “Okay je,” but believe us, only she knows when her tudung is okay. She can feel it if her headscarf does not look good in her eyes.

Another thing that will ruin a woman’s day is when someone messes up with her tudung. No, we do not mean when she is already wearing it. Well, of course, that includes too. But we are talking about the ironed one.

A woman does a very meticulous ironing when it comes to her headscarves. Sometimes, a woman even uses a spray starch to iron so that all is well when she is putting on her tudung.

But…this little boy here has the guts to sit on his mother’s already-ironed headscarf! Oh boy, he is in big trouble. Even his father knows what is going to happen when his wife finds out that her tudung is ruined!


apa2 ddy gerak dulu bang seram sejuk lah ddy😓🤪…..

♬ bunyi asal – Nana Izwan – Nana Izwan

As described by the father, once a headscarf is ironed, we do not call it a headscarf, but a periuk api or a land mine! Everyone who sits or steps on it will face the consequence.

We bet the little boy is oblivious of his action. He can even laugh when his father points out the ‘trouble’ that he is making.

Read the funny responses from the viewers: 


Picture: @nana_izwan

What do you think happens next? Many feel like the father will also be in big trouble.

Source: @nana_izwan (TikTok)

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