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Only This High-Pitch Lullaby Can Help This Child Sleep

Picture: @faezmalek

Babies and toddlers are complicated human beings. For instance, they need a specific lullaby to help them sleep. Usually, babies like it when we use ‘white noise.’ It helps them sleep. Or if it is not the white noise, babies like it when we sing slow songs with a calming voice.

Once we start to sing the lullaby, their eyes will instantly close with the calming effect of our soothing voice.

See the video below where a father sings his child a lullaby:


Kita set2 dato Siti plak khenss…. Bila bini kau rajin merekod aktiviti kau dgn anak.. Aku lah!!!! #fyp #dudukje #fypage #faezmalek #fypmalaysia #ajl37 #bapa #jongjonginai #sitinurhaliza

♬ original sound – Faez Malek – Faez Malek

According to @faezmalek’s video, his child will sleep only if he sings him a specific lullaby. We think all Malaysians know this song — Jong Jong Inai. It is a traditional song that school kids used to learn during music class.

Well, it seems okay to sing that song to a baby. But surprisingly, the baby will fall asleep if the father sings it using a high-pitch voice! Yup, you read that right!

Usually, babies like the soothing and calming effect of sounds (white noise) because that is what they hear when they are in their mother’s womb. Maybe the father’s singing is soothing to the baby’s ears.

What is funny about the video, aside from the high-pitch voice, is the father’s hand. He cannot keep his hand down when singing. He is looking like a professional singer now.


Picture: @faezmalek

Source: @faezmalek (TikTok)

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