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This Ferry Without Windows Gives People The Creeps!

Picture: @hanifina85

Remember the last time we talked about window seats? Yup, we can see the outside view from a car, a ferry, a bus, an airplane, and other transportation. Aside from that, it is quite comfy to be seated next to a window that if a company charges more to sit there, some people would!

Nevertheless, a video shared by @hanifina85 gives us the creeps! Not just us, but other viewers too!


Igt duk tepi tingkap dlm feri boleh tgk laut tp…… #foryoupage #fyp #viralvideo #jalanjalan #familytime #healing #langkawi #ferrylangkawi

♬ Loh Eh Eh Kocak – Ari Rubiyanto

If it is not for the caption, we would not have guessed that the family is on a ferry!

Can you imagine travelling on a ferry, but there is no window? We mean, we thought all ferries have windows.

It must be a disappointment for the people who want to sit at the ‘window seats.’ They are maybe hoping to see the beautiful blue skies and the clear sea. However, they have to stare into ‘oblivion.’

But…this kind of ferry must be a ‘gift’ for those who are scared of the ocean.

People share their thoughts about the ferry. Most of them say they cannot be trapped like that because they will overthink for the worst!


Picture: @hanifina85

How about you? Are you okay with travelling on a ferry but without windows?

Source: @hanifina85 (TikTok)

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