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Enjoy Safer Vacations Abroad With And Antis and Antis

To welcome the year-end holidays, and Antis, the No. 1 Hand  Sanitizer in Indonesia collaborated to introduce the “Safer Vacations with x Antis” program that can be enjoyed by tourists who want to travel to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

This program was introduced in a regional event held on Friday, December 2nd, 2022 at M Resort & Hotel  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  

@the.stoly and Antis collaborated to introduce the “Safer Vacations with tiket com X Antis” ✈️✈️. #fyp #newsattiktok #beritatiktok #travel #safetravels

♬ Fly – Nicki Minaj

Through this program, and Antis would like to ensure that customers have a comfortable vacation during the pandemic by providing personal care kits, which can be a one-stop solution for their health.  These personal care kits are available for free to every customer who books hotel accommodation through and are distributed upon check-in at their respective hotels. 

Awin Sirait, Chief of Marketing of Enesis Group stated that this is not the first time and Antis have collaborated in providing extra protection to customers. “We noticed the increasing trend of people traveling, not only domestically but also internationally, so we extend this collaboration to countries surrounding Indonesia that are often visited by domestic tourists,” he explained. 

The increasing number of people traveling is good for economic and tourism recovery, so it must be supported while still considering the customers’ health, in order to prevent the rise of cases. “We include  Antis in the personal care kits provided, which is already trusted by customers as an effective hand sanitizer that kills 99% of germs in 4 seconds,” he added. 

Sara Elorza Susanto, International Business AVP of, explained, ” At, we always pay attention to trends as well as the needs of the community in terms of traveling and tourism. Currently, in the midst of the improving pandemic conditions and the opening of access to various countries, interest in taking vacations abroad is increasing and Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam are some of the favorite destinations for Indonesians. We at always strive to provide more benefits for our  customers, our collaboration with Antis is intended to add a sense of security and comfort when enjoying a  vacation, especially abroad.”  

This program is expected to increase brand awareness of and Antis among international hotels.  The collaboration between Antis and has been established since the beginning of the pandemic,  including the TIKETCLEANxANTIS campaign and the Long Stay & VACcation Rewards Program

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