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People Are Furious At A Group of Motorcyclists Chit-Chatting On The Road

Picture: @myjoe_ (Twitter)

In Malaysia, aside from cars, buses, and lorries, it is common to see motorcyclists on the road. People choose to use motorcycles because it is more convenient to travel to certain places. Usually, people use motorcycles to travel to short-distance places. Furthermore, motorcyclists prefer this vehicle to go to work.

Nevertheless, some motorcyclists in Malaysia tend to break the rules of the road. For instance, some may not wear a helmet, and some may not properly use the signal light. Yesterday, a Twitter user, @myjoe_ shared a video of an incident where motorcycles were involved in an accident.

In the video that was captured from a car dash camera, five motorcyclists were riding on the road. What was making people furious at them was they were seen chit-chatting with each other while riding on the motorcycles.

Besides that, this action by the motorcyclists was described as blocking the road. Not only that, it threatens their safety as well!

The people on the four motorcycles were seen talking, while another motorcyclist was following them from the back. It is unsure if the man is in the group too.

The man bumped into another motorcycle which resulted in an accident. Both motorcyclists fell on the road. Even though both of them were wearing helmets, the helmets fell off their heads.

Regarding that, @myjoe_ reminded motorcyclists not to wear one kind of helmet. Refer to the picture below:

Picture: @myjoe_ (Twitter)

According to another Twitter user, @Harrisasyraaf1, people should wear helmets that have approval from the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM).

Furthermore, people on Twitter wished the two motorcyclists a speedy recovery.

Picture: @myjoe_ (Twitter)

Let this incident be a lesson for all road users.

Sources: myjoe_ (Twitter)

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