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P. Ramlee Heirs Get The Royalty Of ‘Aduh Malaysia’ by Altimet

Picture: altimet (Instagram) & IMDB

During the campaign for the 15th General Election, one song by Altimet, ‘Aduh Malaysia’ has gained popularity. The song was used by the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) for their campaign. Even after Malaysia has announced who is the new Prime Minister, the song is still talked about.

Recently, another party used ‘Aduh Malaysia’ during their campaign. Altimet’s fan has asked him to claim the royalty for the song.

Nevertheless, Altimet revealed that he is giving the royalty of the song to Tan Sri P. Ramlee’s heirs. He added that the heirs will receive more royalties if more people sing and use the song.

What does the song have to do with P. Ramlee? For those who do not know, the song is modified from P. Ramlee’s song, ‘Ali Baba Dengan 40 Penyamun.’

Altimet changed the lyrics of the song to portray the political status in Malaysia. People found the song interesting and the used it as a background music on TikTok.

Furthermore, Altimet has been receiving praise from people on Twitter for giving the royalty of the song to P. Ramlee’s heirs.


Picture: @altimet


Aside from that, people also applauded the song for its message, which talked about our country’s political issues.


Picture: @altimet

Altimet finished writing ‘Aduh Malaysia’ way back in 2016, In 2021/2022, he began to modify the song.

Sources: @altimet (Twitter), Siakap Keli

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