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Selangor Government Is Now Enforcing The Use Of Face Mask On Food Vendors

face mask
Pictures: BERNAMA

Do food vendors in Selangor have to wear a face mask? Recently, there were many hygienic cases reported by media outlets nationwide. It is an ongoing concern that never seems to find its end. As there is an influx of food vendors in the country, not all of them abide by the rules underlined in the Food Regulation 1985. This is further proven by the reports of animals in the food premises, most popular will be rats and cockroaches.

However, this doesn’t apply only to food vendors by the street. Some established restaurants in Malaysia also faced similar allegations. As consumers, we wonder what has happened to the promise of a clean and fresh product as well as efficient service they engraved in their motto.

Therefore, as a first step to reducing the number of food-related cases, the government of Selangor is enforcing the vendors to wear face masks again.

face mask

Picture: BERNAMA

The face mask is compulsory starting 1 January 2023

In a Facebook post shared by Majlis Perbandaran Selayang, the Selangor government now issues wearing a face mask as compulsory to all food and beverage vendors in the state.

They have to follow the new guideline by the government as a step to ensure the cleanliness of their premise.

The compound will be given to the rule breakers. It’s now one of the requirements to get a business license.

Many thought it was no longer necessary

Previously, the face mask was compulsory in all places due to COVID-19. However, as daily cases have subsided to a steady number, the Ministry of Health eased the rule. This makes many people, including food vendors, no longer think a face mask is necessary.

Yet, as they’re closely working with ingredients to make a dish, it’s vital to think of cleanliness first before anything else. An unhygienic environment while preparing food can lead to many health problems. It can be severe if not treated immediately.

Source: Facebook Majlis Perbandaran Selayang

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