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Good News! IChang And Jimmy’s De Rantau Nomad Pass Has Been Approved!

Picture: iChang RM

Only a few days ago, a Japanese YouTuber couple, IChang and Jimmy, posted a video about them leaving Malaysia. In the video, they explained that they needed to leave the country as their tourist visa has expired. It was a sad day for the couple as in their hundreds of videos, they showed us that they really love staying in Malaysia.

Not just them, but many of his followers, especially the Malaysians were sad about the news. IChang and Jimmy also added in the video that they have applied for De Rantau Nomad. It may take years! The pass allows foreign digital nomads to stay and work in Malaysia for a long time. However, their application has not been approved yet.

But there is good news. Just today, the couple posted another video. They revealed that their application for the De Rantau Nomad pass has been approved! We are so happy for them.

They mentioned that they received an email from Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation after they posted the video about their leaving. We can see from the video that they are so thankful for the opportunity.

IChang and Jimmy also thanked one of their followers for notifying the Minister of Communications and Digital on Twitter about them. Maybe because of that, they are now able to live and work in Malaysia.

Now, IChang and Jimmy can continue exploring our beautiful country and show it to the world!


Picture: AsiaOne

Source: iChang RM (YouTube)

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