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Knowing How To Help Someone Who Is Going Through Suicidal Thoughts

Picture: Columbia Magazine

The word ‘suicide‘ or ‘suicidal’ has always been an issue for some people. Somehow, the topic regarding these two words should always be prioritized to help those who are suffering from things they cannot deal with.

Only recently, we have been shocked by the news of a teenager committing suicide. We do not know what she has been dealing with all these times. 

The news is a tragedy, and we hope for those who know someone struggling with suicidal thoughts to step up and be there for them.

Here are some of the ways you can help them:

1) Ask and listen

  • Lend your ears for them to talk about their problems.
  • Do not be biased or judgemental.
  • Ask them what can you do to help them.

2) Be there

  • Give them your support by being present.
  • Being present does not only mean you have to be physically there with them.
  • You can also follow up with them even through phones.

3) Encourage them to seek professional help

  • People with suicidal thoughts tend to think that nobody can help them.
  • Nevertheless, step up and encourage them to seek professional help.

Picture: BFMNews

Most importantly, you need to be aware of the warning signs. The warning signs include:

1) Talking about suicide.

2) Always want to be left alone.

3) Having mood swings.

4) Doing risky things.

5) Saying goodbye as it is the last.

It could also be other than listed.

Let’s help each other.

Sources: Mayo Clinic, Western Michigan University

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