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Polar Stratospheric Clouds: The Phenomenon That Looks Like A Painting

Picture: @rebecca.paviola

Have you ever seen something so beautiful, that it feels like it came out of a painting? Maybe, you do. The sunset, the moon, the rainbow, the rain, and the clouds can look so surreal, it feels like a dream. People enjoy these views of our nature.

But, have you seen polar stratospheric clouds? Even the name is rarely heard. Check out this rare phenomenon captured in Finland by @rebecca.paviola:

Isn’t it amazing? The scenery looks like it came out straight out of Van Gogh’s painting. With the mixture of colors coming together, the phenomenon will surely awe you.

Although clouds are beautiful, they might have a big impact on our earth. According to The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), polar stratospheric clouds play a role in Antarctic ozone destruction. This beautiful phenomenon destroys ozone in two ways:

1) By providing a surface that converts benign forms of chlorine into reactive, ozone-destroying forms
2) By removing nitrogen compounds that moderate the destructive impact of chlorine.

Not to forget, these high-altitude clouds can only form at very low temperatures.

Nevertheless, a few weeks ago, we have been served with the news of our earth’s ozone layer was reported to heal! It will heal completely in 2040. Meanwhile, in the Arctic and Antarctic, it is said to heal by 2045 and 2066.


Picture: Whistling Hound

Sources: @rebecca.paviola (Instagram), NASA

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