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‘Pulau’ Movie Trailer Not Suitable For Screening – Fahmi

Picture: BERNAMA

Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil is of the opinion that the trailer of the horror film ‘Pulau’ is not suitable for screening.

He said, however, that he could not speak for the Film Censorship Board (LFP), which comes under the purview of the Home Ministry.

“I can’t speak on behalf of LPF, and I also understand that FINAS (National Film Development Corporation Malaysia) had issued a statement today, but it wasn’t on the aspect of censorship. Whatever procedures monitored by FINAS are based on the standard operating procedure (SOP) between LEPF and FINAS.

“In my opinion, we may have to review several SOPs because it is clear that there has been one infringement here and I have been made t understand that the LPF approval was given last September, before I became the minister, before the current government,” he told those present at exclusive screening of the movie Duan Nago Bogho, here, tonight.

He said that based on the movie’s trailer, which has gone viral and in his view is unsuitable, he has personally contacted Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) and it is understood that the producer had agreed to withdraw the trailer and prepare a new edit.

According to Fahmi, he was also made to understand that based on the report he received, there is a possibility that some of the scenes that were cut somehow made it to the trailer.

“The trailer has no cuts like in the actual film, but I can’t say more than that and, I’ve asked my media friends to contact the LPF.

“I have asked FINAS to, in the future, study this matter, reexamine and restructure its SOP. We do not want this to happen again…the approval was given without a more specific scrutiny, I feel there needs to be scrutiny,” he said.

Yesterday, the media reported (FINAS) was not responsible for giving approval for the screening of the ‘Pulau’ trailer, which sparked a controversy because it allegedly contained scenes of a sexual nature.

FINA chief executive officer Prof Dr Md Nasir Ibrahim was reported to have said that the publication content guidelines were under the jurisdiction of LPF.

The media also reported that ‘Pulau,’ which is scheduled to be screened on March 9, was criticised by various parties, who urged LPF to review the approval of the movie produced by WebTVAsia in collaboration with My Way Pictures and Filmforce Studio.


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