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The Oldest Person In The World Is 115 Years Old!

Picture: TRT World

Who would have thought? The oldest person in the world is 115 years old! She is Maria Branyas Morera and recently broke the Guinness World Record after the passing of Sister André. Sister André died at the age of 118 earlier this month.

Morera has survived the biggest calamity in the world, which include 2 world wars, a civil war, and 2 global pandemics. Born in 1907 in San Francisco, she lived with her immigrant parents there. Eight years later, they moved back to Spain.

Now, Morera is residing in a nursing home. She has been living there for 22 years. In 2020, she also caught the COVID-19 virus but luckily recovered. She used to break the Guinness World Record of being the oldest person to recover from the virus. Nevertheless, later that year, the record was broken by Sister André.

Even in her old age, Morera is active on social media like Twitter, with the help of her daughter. She shares some wisdom quotes for people to ponder. During the 2023 New Year, she tweeted:

“Life is not eternal for anyone… At my age, a new year is a gift, a humble celebration, a new adventure, a beautiful journey, and a moment of happiness. Let’s enjoy life together.”

For additional information, the oldest person ever recorded is Jeanne Louise Calment. She lived until she was 122 years old.

Source: Guinness World Record,@MariaBranyas112 (Twitter)

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