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The Biggest Toad Discovered In Australia, Breaks Guinness World Record

Picture: Sky News

Rangers discovered a massive cane toad at the Conway National Park in North Queensland. The amphibian weighs 2.7 kg and was found by the rangers when they were clearing the trail along the park.

Looking like a “football with legs” the rangers called the toad “toadzilla.” According to one of the rangers, Kylee Gray, she and her team were blown away seeing the big toad.

She added, “We weighed it when we got back to base late that afternoon, and we got her at 2.7 kilos, which just shocked us.”


Picture: The Chronicle

They also measured the amphibian, and the result showed that it is 255mm. Nevertheless, the Queensland Museum would take over and examine it after receiving the “toadzilla.”

They figured out that the cane toad is a female, and the species can be found in the wilds of Australia’s far north. They were introduced into Queensland in 1935 for the purpose to control cane beetles. Since then, the species colonized a variety of habitats across north-eastern Australia and are considered to be a threat to wildlife.

This “toadzilla’ breaks the Guinness World Record for the largest toad in history. Before this, the largest toad weighs 2.65 kg in 1991, in Sweden.

Sources: The Guardian, Sky News, Siakap Keli

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