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Baby Born Under Rubble During Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Is Now Adopted

Picture: Sky News

A few weeks ago, the footage of a baby being rescued from under the rubble went viral. It is reported that the baby is now adopted. She was born under the rubble of a collapsed building, but unfortunately, her mother could not make it. She is the only survivor of her immediate family.

The footage has stormed the internet as she was still connected to her mother by her umbilical cord. After being rescued, she has been taken to the hospital for treatment. 

According to BBC, many people offered to adopt the baby. Nevertheless, she is now adopted by her aunt and her husband. As an honour for her late mother, the family named her after her mother, Afraa. Before this, officials who saved her named her Aya, which means ‘miracle’ in Arabic.

Grateful that Afraa is healthy and alive, her aunt’s husband says, “She is one of my children now. I will not differentiate between her and my children.”

He adds, “This girl means so much to us because there’s no one left of her family besides this baby. She’ll be a memory for me, for her aunt, and for all of our relatives in the village of her mother and father.”


Picture: The Straits Time

Additionally, Afraa’s aunt and uncle also welcomed a new family member three days after the massive earthquake hit. 

Source: BBC News 

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