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Click On Your Google Icon Now! It Is The Creator Of Keluang Man!

Picture: Google

Reminiscing on childhood days for Malaysians, you must know the cartoon of Keluang Man. If that does not remind you, you will surely remember this one — Usop Sontorian. You would switch on TV1 to watch these legendary Malaysian cartoons. Aside from that, children in those days also liked to watch TV9 where cartoons from abroad were being aired.

You must have clicked on the Google icon just now. Do you see something different? Yes! It is normal for Google to honour legendary people by portraying them with the word ‘Google’ once you click the Google icon. 

This time, today, the 8th of February, Google honours Kamn Ismail, the creator of Usop Sontorion and Keluang Man! Today is his birthday! If he is still alive today, he would be 67 years old. Al-Fatihah to Kamn Ismail.

For the new generation, maybe some of them do not recognize the cartoons created by him. Therefore, let’s get to know him and his cartoons.

The late Kamn Ismail was born in Melaka but grew up in Kuala Lumpur. His real name is Kamarudin bin Ismail. Some of his popular cartoon shows include what has been stated above — Usop Sontorion and Keluang Man. 


Picture: Artortoise

Usop Sontorian tells the story of Usup in a Malaysian village, along with his family and friends.


Picture: Twitter

Meanwhile, Keluang Man revolves around a superhero known as ‘Keluang Man.’ Together with his sidekick, Keluang Man saves the county from evil enemies.

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