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Malaysia Ranks #24 In 2023’s Top 50 Travel Destinations And Places To Visit In The World!

Pictures: TourScanner, ArchDaily, International Citizens Group, Pexels, European Best Destinations, PNGWing

Travel enthusiasts are finding some new and undiscovered places to visit this year. With many countries lifting the travelling ban in 2023, many backpackers are gearing up for another round of fun touring!

Travel Character, a website that compiles to-go destinations, has rolled out a long and must-save list for everyone who’s packing their luggage this year. And in the helpful list, who would’ve thought? Malaysia is at #24 as one of the destinations people must visit this year!

Finding cool places to visit this year? Check this out

1) Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia



The 230 km (140 mi) island, located northwest of Papeete, is rich with glimmering nature and breathtaking panorama. The island is surrounded by a lagoon and barrier reef, which adds a romantic touch to the scenic experience.

If you’re thinking of a place for a sweet honeymoon experience, Bora Bora Island is some of the must-visit places!

2) Machu Picchu, Peru


Picture: Perú Travel

The Sun Gate is a place to be blown away by its majestic view. The mountain of Huayna Picchu is the Lost City of Incas, where you can witness the sunrise and hills become one. Additionally, it’s a certified world’s greatest ancient archaeological site. Hence, you’re getting the best of both worlds, photos for your social media accounts and knowledge for the brain.

3) Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Picture: CNN

The welcoming country offers a gastronomic experience, not only for its diversity but also for the sea life. You will see one of the bluest oceans and these luxurious marine lives. It’s almost like watching Finding Nemo but with an ultra-HD version!

4) Bangkok, Thailand


Picture: Forbes

Sawadikrab! As Thailand rises to popularity due to its world-class drama production and food destinations, it would be bizarre not to add Bangkok to the list!

Bangkok is the perfect mix of urban and traditional, which caters to many visitors worldwide. Therefore, with the glorious architecture of the temples, the floating markets and the bustling nightlight, visit Bangkok to see its beauty to life!

5) Malaysia


Picture: Wego Travel Blog

We can’t end this list without including our home country, Malaysia. We don’t mean to brag, but Malaysia has it all. You name it! Food? Check! Beautiful beaches? Check! Friendly people? Done and done! What else can you ask for?

Thus, to anyone who wants to visit the Jalur Gemilang country, be prepared for a gastronomic experience of food, culture, cool OOTD spots and history. Warning: your senses might be overwhelmed by it!

Other must-visit destinations can be read here.

So, get your tickets and head to some of the best places to visit in 2023!

Source: Travel Character

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