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Malaysian Fans Get Excited When They Can Freely Record The Westlife Concert

Pictures: Twitter Aimiiii, Twitter Trend '#WESTLIFEinKL'

One thing about going to a concert is— aside from getting to see the artist up-close or ‘breathe the same air’ as them, it’s a bit of a hassle. Why? There are many rules and regulations you have to follow.

Many concerts don’t allow fans to bring some ‘forbidden’ items. We have a friend who once attended a BTS concert, and they couldn’t bring their power bank or umbrella into the venue!


Picture: Quora

Can you imagine? Going to a concert that lasts around two hours but without a power bank? Smartphones these days aren’t like phones of the past. The battery life drains fast.

Additionally, many concerts don’t allow you to record or take photos! This is also why you can’t This might be to avoid fans in the venue starting a live stream, thus giving other fans a free pass to the concert. Not only that, but some will upload the video to their Youtube channel. Perhaps, this act is illegal because it’s a type of infringement.


Picture: Twitter PULP Live World


Picture: DailyPedia

So, when we know that Westlife’s concert, The Wild Dreams Tour 2023, in Kuala Lumpur, allows fans to record and take photos, we’re surprised! The organiser must be super understanding to lift this ban!

Many fans said they were free to record without the staff demanding them to stop.

Usually, other concerts will have strict patrollers. Once you hold your camera, they will give you a warning.

Therefore, we can see how fun the concert was last night! There’s an influx of fan cams, videos and photos from the last night.

Additionally, many couldn’t stop praising the sound quality too. It looks like everyone had a pleasant time during Westlife’s concert last night!

Westlife has definitely raised many fans up with their outstanding performances! Luckily, fans can record every moment freely. It will become another unforgettable memory for them!

Source: Twitter

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