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‘Piring Astro’ Now Becomes A Trampoline For This Monkey

Pictures: TikTok Emilyvincent, TopPNG

We believe many houses in Malaysia still have the piring Astro attached to the roof. Although not many watch TV these days, technology evolves and enables us to tune in to our favourite shows online. Of course, Astro provides services that are parallel to today’s media consumption habit, like Astro Go, On Demand and others.

So, if you’re a fan of binge-watching movies all day, the satellite TV company ventures with Netflix and how cool is that? You can now enjoy the best of both worlds!

But there’s one thing about the broadcast satellite that had many Malaysians shaking their head. When the weather gets dark, the connection will be interrupted. Bummer!

However, now we know there are other reasons why the reminder pops on the screen when it’s not raining.

Piring Astro is now a playground for this monkey

Emilyvincent on TikTok caught a rare sight of a monkey having fun in its own way.


Hello abang astro… Astro tarak jalan la… #astro #funnymonkey #fyp

♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

The monkey is jumping like it’s on a trampoline! Even after someone shouts at the monkey, it doesn’t budge. In fact, the monkey continues to chill on the satellite while rubbing its nose innocently.

This scene perfectly reminds us of whenever our mothers scold us for doing something naughty.

And the comment section makes us LOL! Malaysians are indeed comedic geniuses!


Picture: TikTok Emilyvincent


Picture: TikTok Emilyvincent

Maybe this is one of the reasons why Astro keeps repeating the same show or program… the monkey is behind this scheme!

But we wonder, with all the jumping, does the satellite still works? Or will the house get other TV channels worldwide?

Source: TikTok Emilyvincent

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