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Tabung Haji Releases The List Of Pengendali Jemaah Haji (PJH) For 2023

Picture: Lembaga Tabung Haji

Every Muslim needs to perform hajj once in their lifetime if they are capable. Talking about hajj, we will think of Tabung Haji, the Malaysian hajj pilgrims‘ fund board. Recently, the company has released a list of Pengendali Jemaah Haji (PJH), or the pilgrim operator for the year 2023. 

The travel agencies that the future pilgrims can choose from are:


Picture: Tabung Haji

1) TH Travel & Services

2) Andalusia Travel & Tours

3) Alif Travel & Tours

4) Citra Travel & Tours

5) Eiman Travel & Tours

6) Emraz Travel & Tours

7) Juara Travel & Tours

8) Mimm Travel & Tours

9) MKM Ticketing Travel & Tours

10) Utas Travel & Tours Worldwide Holidays

11) Wira Saujana Travels & Tours

12) Syarikat Perlancongan Yaskin

13) Al Balad Travel & Tours

14) Batuta Travel & Tours

15) C. S. Holidays

16) Felda Travel 

17) Gemilang Travel & Tours

18) Jad Travel & Tours

19 Rayhar Travels

20) TM Tours & Travel

21) Tri-D Travel & Tours

22) Zahafiz Travel & Tours

23) Az Zuha Group Trave & Tours

For additional information, these agencies are carefully chosen by Tabung Haji. Out of hundreds of agencies that apply to be the pilgrim operator, only 23 are chosen.

Every year, this agency will be examined by Tabung Haji. If their performance is not doing well, they need to be removed from the list. 

For those who are going to perform hajj or umrah this year, may everything goes well. Aamiin.

Source: Tabung Haji

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