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Float The Stress Away On This Heaven-On-Earth Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis
Pictures: TripAdvisor, PNGWing

There’s a beautiful and unreal oasis located in Egypt called Siwa Oasis. It’s a mesmerising green lake in between the ocean of yellow sand. The water is crystal clear, and you can see almost everything under. At first glance, you can’t help but fall in love with its beauty!

Siwa Oasis is one of the tourist attractions that cater to anyone big on Instagram or other social media platforms. Taking your #OOTD pictures close to the oasis will gather the most likes and comments!

Siwa Oasis

Picture: Sharm Club

Everything about Siwa Oasis

The oasis is 350 miles from Cairo, which is east of the Libyan border. It’s one of Egypt’s best western desert oases, with thousands of palm trees and beautiful hot springs in between.

The oasis is six miles (10 km) long, four to five miles (six to eight km) wide and has about 200 springs. This big and beautiful oasis can fit so many people in one pool.

Two rock outcrops provide the sites of old walled settlements of Siwa and Aghūrmī (veritable fortresses). Berber-speaking Sudanic people live in mud-brick houses near the oasis.

Did you know? Siwa Oasis is extremely fertile and fruits thousands of date palms and olive trees. Thus, the export of dates and olive oil has been the state’s source of income.

Siwa Oasis

Picture: Vanilla Papers

You’ll never sink into this oasis

To anyone who has no knowledge of swimming, don’t worry. You’ll never drown in this oasis because it’s impossible. Why?

Siwa Oasis has a high level of salt concentration. Therefore, your body will float on the water. It’s similar to the Dead Sea because both places have high salt concentrations. Additionally, the Dead Sea has about 31% salt concentration, which is ten times more than a standard ocean.


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So, if anyone wants to experience floating and never sinking, head to Siwa Oasis to experience the thrill!

Sources: Memphis Tours, Britannica, The Travel, TikTok

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