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Here Are The Etiquette When Attending A Concert

Picture: BCA

For the past few months, many performers have come to Malaysia to entertain their fans. When attending their concerts, fans are so excited that sometimes they forget the etiquette at the concerts. For those who have gone to concerts before, you must know that certain rules should be followed.

Even though sometimes there are no rules set by the organizer, fans should know well how to behave at concerts.

Here are some of the etiquette that fans should know when attending their favourite performers’ concerts:

1) Sometimes, photographing or videoing a show is prohibited. 


Picture: NBC News

  • Thus, do not do it.

2) Do not invade other people’s space.


Picture: Guitar Lobby

  • We know you want to enjoy the show by dancing along to the beat. But…be courteous. Make sure you do not bump into other people.

3) You do not have to sing at the top of your lung.



  • We mean…what is the point of paying to see your favourite performers sing if your voice is louder than theirs?
  • Other people might also feel disturbed by it.
  • We do not say that you cannot sing, but control your voice.

4) Do not throw things.


Picture: New York Daily News

  • Fans are very kind, and they also prepare gifts for the performers.
  • But… do not throw the gifts on the stage, especially when they are performing.

5) Pick your own rubbish.


Picture: Pittsburg Tribune-Review

  • After a concert, it is almost impossible to see that the area is clean.
  • Therefore, everyone must be responsible, picking up the rubbish.

There may be more etiquette that people should know. Do you want to add anything?

Sources: WECB, Phoenix New Times

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