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KyoChon 1991 Yummy Promotions You Should Check Out This March

KyoChon 1991

If you love to eat at KyoChon 1991 so much, you should consider all these yummy promotions this March! KyoChon 1991 is indeed Malaysia’s 1st choice of Korean fried chicken restaurants. To those who might not know, KyoChon is all about fresh, healthy, and flavourful Korean chicken using 100% natural ingredients.

1) Chikin’ Meal 

Shout out to all drumstick lovers, be sure to head over to your nearest KyoChon 1991 restaurant this March to try KyoChon 1991’s Chikin’ Meal. For only RM9.95 (KLIA: RM13.95) you can enjoy: 

  • 1 x Drumstick (Soy Garlic / Red Pepper / Shinhwa) 
  • 1 x Steamed Rice 
  • 1 x Drink 
  • FREE Seaweed Soup 
  • FREE Pickled Radish 

KyoChon 1991’s Chikin’ Meal is available daily until 3 PM and is valid for Dine-In only.

Date: 1st March 2023 onwards 

Terms and Conditions apply: 

KyoChon 1991

2) KyoChingu Chicken Combos – Available All Day

Are you looking to order a meal for one or for a crowd? Look no further than KyoChon 1991’s KyoChingu Chicken Combos. Each combo comes with delicious chicken in KyoChon 1991’s signature flavors, steamed rice, seaweed soup, and drinks to share or enjoy on your own. For an additional cost, customers can also upgrade their combos to opt for other rice and drink options. Are you feeling hungry yet? KyoChingu Chicken Combos are available all day for dine-in and in-store takeaway.

Terms and Conditions Apply: 

3) KyoChon 1991’s 32nd Anniversary (Birthday) Promotions – saeng il Together & #Ayam32

It’s time to celebrate 32 years of deliciousness! KyoChon 1991 is on the search for their birthday twins to saeng il Together! As their birthday twin, you will be entitled to some FREE CHICKENs. All you have to do is, spend a minimum of RM70 on a single receipt and be able to match your birth date with theirs, ( 13 / March / 1991 ). The best part? It doesn’t even have to be an exact match:

  • Single Match: Get 8pcs Wingette & Drumette 
  • Double Match: Get 12 pcs Wingette & Drumette 
  • Triple Match: Get 20pcs Wingette & Drumette

As a thank you, KyoChon 1991 will also offer its beloved KyoChingu Members an exclusive promo called #Ayam32. All KyoChingu Members will receive an RM30 e-Voucher when they spend a minimum of RM100 on a single receipt. 

Date: 1st  – 14th March 2023 

Terms and Conditions Apply: 

KyoChon 1991

4) KyoChingu Monthly Voucher (Mar 2023) – Free 6pcs “Future” Nuggets + 1 Drink e voucher

Annyeong Haseyo KyoChingu’s, up for grabs this month is an e-voucher for 6pcs “Future” Nuggets and a drink of your choice when you spend a minimum of RM70 in a single receipt. Wishing it could be you who gets this awesome voucher. Well, wish no more! Sign up to be a KyoChingu here to start enjoying more monthly benefits like this!

Date: 1st  – 31st March 2023 

Terms and Conditions Apply: 

5)  Makan Bersama KyoChon 1991 – Ramadan / Raya Menu 

With Ramadan around the corner, we’re sure everyone’s already beginning to plan their iftar spreads. Well, KyoChon 1991 has got you covered! KyoChon 1991 is offering an array of Dine-In and Web order combos for you to indulge in this Ramadan.

For Dine-In customers, KyoChon 1991 is offering 2 Combos:

Riang Combo @ RM65 (2 pax) 

  • Half Chicken (Soy Garlic / Red Pepper / Shinhwa / Honey) 
  • 6pcs x Future Nuggets (Original / Spicy) 
  • 2x Steamed Rice – 2x Bottomless Drinks (Minute Maid Refresh Orange / Heaven & Earth Ice  Lemon Tea / Heaven & Earth Passion Fruit Tea) 
  • 2x FREE Kurma 

Meriah Combo @ RM120 (4 pax) 

  • Whole Chicken (Soy Garlic / Red Pepper / Mixed / Shinhwa / Honey) 
  • 5pcs x Salsal Strips 
  • 6pcs x Future Nuggets (Original / Spicy) 
  • 4x Steamed Rice – 4x Bottomless Drinks (Minute Maid Refresh Orange / Heaven & Earth Ice  Lemon Tea / Heaven & Earth Passion Fruit Tea) 
  • 4x FREE Kurma

*Upgrade Your Steamed Rice

  • Garlic Fried Rice, +RM3.00 each 
  • Chicken Fried Rice, +RM5.00 each
  • Kimchi Fried Rice, +RM8.00 each 

*Add on 

  • 2pc x Drumsticks RM9.80 (Soy Garlic/ Red Pepper/ Mixed/ Shinhwa) 

For Web- Ordering Customers can choose from:

KyoChon 1991

Ceria Combo @  RM45 (2 pax) 

  • Half Chicken (Soy Garlic / Red Pepper / Shinhwa / Honey) 
  • 1x Canned Drink (Minute Maid Refresh Orange / Heaven & Earth Ice Lemon Tea / Heaven &  Earth Passion Fruit Tea) 
  • 1x Minute Maid (Can) 
  • 2x FREE Kurma 

Fiesta Combo @ RM99.90 (4 pax) 

  • Whole Chicken (Soy Garlic / Red Pepper / Mixed / Shinhwa / Honey) 
  • 8pcs x Drumsticks (Soy Garlic / Red Pepper / Mixed / Shinhwa) 
  • 4x FREE Kurma

Customers who purchase any Makan Bersama KyoChon 1991 Combos will be entitled to purchase KyoChon 1991’s latest Party Cooler Bag @ RM17.90 ONLY (NP: RM19.90) and enjoy an RM2 discount when you use the Party Cooler Bag on your next in-store takeaway order.  This Ramadan, jom makan bersama KyoChon 1991! 

Terms and Conditions Apply: 

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