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These Tips Can Make Your Car Aircond Compressor ‘Tahan Lama’

Picture: AutoGuru

Can you imagine? When it’s already relatively hot outside, and your aircond isn’t cold enough, of course, you’ll be mad about it! Especially since Ramadhan is approaching soon, the weather can be unpredictable. But looking back at the weather these days, we might get the sun more than rain.

So, after walking around the long bazaar Ramadhan with people flooding to buy food for breaking fast, your car will be the best spot to cool yourself. However, if the aircond isn’t functioning well, it’ll be hotter inside than out!



Therefore, if you don’t want this to happen, follow these tips by Boss Carlson (@carlsonchia_oe) to maintain your aircond compressor.

How to keep your aircond compressor in good condition

1) Firstly, lower the window.

2) Then, turn on level one and press the A/C button.

3) Next, turn on the outside air.

4) Start your engine and let it run for a few minutes. Afterward, switch to level two and press the A/C button again.

5) Turn on the inside air.

6) Lastly, to make your car even cooler while driving a long distance, adjust the level according to your liking and switch to the maximum.


Adakah u pun buat mcm ini?patutlah air cond x tahan #tiktokguru #tiktokmechanic #carlsonchia #clgroupautoservice #viral #fyp #aircond

♬ original sound – Boss Carlson – Boss Carlson

Try applying these steps and see if your aircond is colder now. We hope this helps!

Source: TikTok @carlsonchia_oe

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