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Vacation In Space? It’s No Longer Impossible!

Pictures: Iberdrola, PNGEgg

Nothing is impossible in this world. There are so many discoveries in space that catches everyone’s attention.

From the sight of Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon in the same sky on 1st March to the upcoming Perseid meteor shower in July-August this year, there are too many to count!


Picture: Star Walk


Picture: National Today

Aside from those, did you know that space vacation is a thing? Yes! Instead of vacationing on earth, you can now literally launch yourself and see the world from a distance!


Picture: iExplore

There’s a company that makes accurate of the ‘vacation in space’ agenda. Care to know more?

Virgin Galactic: Vacation in Space

Virgin Galactic is the world’s first commercial spaceline. It aims to connect people worldwide to the love, wonders and excitement of space travel.

According to Sirisha Bandla, the Virgin Galactic Astronaut 004 (VP of Government Affairs and Research), this stigma prevents people from dreaming of going to space. Only people who are good at Math and Science can travel to space.

However, she debunked the statement by saying Virgin Galactic offers this once-in-a-lifetime to anyone curious about the world beyond the earth. Now, you don’t have to travel there to be an engineer or astronaut!

How the unforgettable journey unfolds

Anyone who wishes to embark on this exciting journey will experience a weightless and breathtaking view of the earth. The spaceline uses a unique and innovative space lift system, promising comfort and a fun experience while traveling to space.


Picture: Virgin Galactic

The journey will take 90 minutes, with the spaceship attached to the mothership ascending towards the sky.


Picture: BBC

Next, this is the exciting part. You’ll hear the pilots announcing, “3, 2, 1, release!” as the spaceship detaches from the mothership!

When you’ve reached the destination, the blue on the window will change to indigo and inky black. You’re now officially breathing the zero-gravity air! You’ll be floating for 10 minutes, so have fun while it last!


Picture: Virgin Galactic

Once the journey ends, the spaceship will enter the earth’s atmosphere. You’ll see just how beautiful the world is!

After you’ve touched down, you’ll be celebrated by your loved ones. Not only that, Virgin Galactic commemorates your achievement with a celebration ceremony!

Approximately, it costs $450,000 (RM2 million) for this trip. If you’re up for it, why not have a brief vacation in space, yes?

Sources: Virgin Galactic, TikTok @spacedollah

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