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Everything Has Its Good And Bad, So Does Showering With Hot And Cold Water

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Everyone showers. In Malaysia, at least, people shower twice a day. What a good feeling after showering! You feel freshened up and energized. Most importantly, we do not know if you realize this, but showering makes you sleep comfortably.

Are you a hot or cold water kind of person when showering? Both are beneficial for humans. Nevertheless, we get to know from @DrSamhan that showering whether using cold or hot water is has its bad for humans.

We have shared with you before about the benefits of showering with cold water. Read here.

Now, we will educate you on the disadvantages of cold and hot water when showering according to @DrSamhan:

Cold water

  • It consumes a lot of time to rewarm your body if you are in a cold environment.
  • The cold temperature will be a little harsh on the body’s immune system when you are sick!
  • Thus, avoid showering with cold water when you are sick!

Hot water

  • It will make your skin dry and cause irritation.
  • This may lead to itchiness.
  • Increase blood pressure.

Nevertheless, there is a silver lining to that. Hot water improves brain, muscle, and joint health. Aside from that, it also improves our sleep quality and provides relief from respiratory and flu symptoms. 

Everything has its good and bad, and that includes when showering with hot and cold water!

Source: @DrSamhan (Twitter)

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