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‘International Family Day’ – Rejoice Family Rides With Maxim E-hailing

international family day

In conjunction with the international family day, Maxim E-hailing would like to celebrate the joyous occasion with its users whose unceasing support made grow fonder. Family is everything, their uninterrupted support, sparkling cheer and selfless love forever, is such a gratification. Maxim E-hailing bestows several benefits that might strengthen the relationship such as different tariffs of vehicle to choose according to the size and space or ‘referral bonus’ if a family member wants to refer the Maxim application to another.

Being an international company, Maxim E-hailing is currently operating in several Asian countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Families can plan an overseas vacation and do not need to worry about transportation if travelling to other countries that speak a different language because Maxim E-hailing is available in many different languages, just need to choose the langiage at the settings and go local.

Families are usually come with a number of members, and they need extra space to fit in one car. Choose an MPV or 6 seater car on Maxim E-hailing application to sit back and relax with the entire family. Besides that if users ride with a smaller group they can choose economy, comfort or any choice that fits with the condition.

Previously, a group of families booked a mini van for their Borneo trip with Maxim E-hailing. They drop a message through the application, reach out to one of the partner-drivers and manage to get the vehicle which can fit the entire family. This perk makes their holiday easier, when they can arrange everything with just one application, especially transportation. 

Family is the backbone in a society, on this International Family Day Maxim E-hailing wishes everyone a blessed Family Day, while users can make a booking of our service and create double the fun at no extra cost. Marge M. Kennedy a renowned author once said “The informality of family life is a blessed condition that allows us all to become our best while looking our worst.”  

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