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Pandora Announces The Little Mermaid Collection To Celebrate Disney’s All-New Movie

Little Mermaid collection

The Disney Little Mermaid collection, Journey Beyond the Sea, is available in Pandora stores and online from  May 25th, just ahead of the launch of Disney’s all-new film, in theatres May 26th

Pandora captures the essence of universal friendship and spirited curiosity with today’s launch of its Disney  The Little Mermaid collection, featuring seven designs that bring to life the new perspectives of the reimag ined classic, championing female empowerment and independence.  

Pandora SVP Creative Directors A. Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo were inspired by themes explored in  the new film adaptation, shaping a collection centred around Ariel’s inquisitiveness and sense of freedom. The  designers created seven individual styles including charms, rings, and earrings synonymous with the story’s  treasured characters. The unique designs combine intricate techniques with coloured lacquers and stone  settings of man-made pearls and cubic zirconia – for a collection that captures the spirit of iconic characters  Ariel, Sebastian, and Ursula.  

Each piece features Pandora’s signature craftsmanship in solid sterling silver or with 14K gold plating, featuring  colourful design details that bring each character to life. Charms from the collection can be stacked and styled  with Pandora Moments Studded and Snake Chains. Highlights include: the Ariel dangle, crafted in sterling  silver with an iridescent mermaid’s tail; Sebastian and Ursula dangles in sterling silver – representing the film’s  favourite sidekick and infamous villainess, each crafted with lacquered man-made pearls; and a textured Sea shell Charm that shines with 14K gold plating.  

Playful layers of storytelling are unlocked through the design details and hand-finishing of each piece. “Our  inspiration was drawn from the diverse characters and friendships that empower Ariel’s story,” Ficarelli said.  “We wanted to be true to the live action film as well as give the pieces a more naturalistic representation. With  the Sebastian charm, for example, one claw is bigger than the other, just like real male crabs,” Terzo said. “And  Ursula is such an iconic character in The Little Mermaid. We chose to amplify and at the same time simplify her  representation, choosing a deep purple lacquered artificial pearl to finish the piece.”  

With a collaboration soon into its tenth year, Pandora continues to craft and share treasured Disney classics by  reimagining them into wearable stories for consumers. The new The Little Mermaid collection represents the  companies’ shared values, and highlights Pandora’s efforts to empower its community to express themselves  through personalisation, allowing them to reflect who they are. Pandora and the studio will reach ten years of  collaboration next year. 

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