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Embracing A Radiant Decade: Sun Life Malaysia Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Sun Life Malaysia

Today, Sun Life Malaysia (comprising Sun Life Malaysia Assurance Berhad and Sun Life Malaysia Takafut Berhad) is celebrating the first day it officially entered the Malaysian market a decade ago. In recognition of this special milestone, it reaffirms its dedication to empower Malaysians on their journey to financial well-being and living healthier lives.

Reflecting on this special milestone, Raymond Lew, Sun Life Malaysia’s CEO and President/Country Head, said. ‘As we celebrate our first decade of achievements, we remain committed to being Malaysians’ trusted insurance and takaful partner, guiding them on their financial journey. More importantly, we are dedicated to providing the right solutions, resources, and support that Malaysians need for a financially empowered future_’

Under the theme ’10 Years Brighter’, Sun Life Malaysia has curated year-long activities which included roadshows. product promotions. monthly anniversary rewards, contests, and brand activation events, all in the spirit of the celebration.

In celebration of its birthday today, Sun Life Malaysia has curated a delightful surprise: a box of exquisite sunflower-themed cupcakes. symbolising vitality and progress. These cupcakes will be shared with valued friends of Sun Life Malaysia – the media partners, as a heartfelt gesture of gratitude for their unwavering support and friendship.

Since its inception on 22 August 2013, Sun Life Malaysia has touched the lives of countless individuals, successfully assisted 1.2 million clients in realising their financial aspirations through an extensive array of insurance and takaful offerings. Today, the asset under the company’s management also grew exponentially to RM 6.2 billion.

The company has consistently demonstrated innovation in developing solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the market. It notably stands as the pioneer in the insurance and takaful landscape, being the first to offer solutions adhering to the five principles of Islam. Additionally, Sun Life Malaysia has introduced groundbreaking solutions, including mobile-based microinsurance and investment-linked ESG funds, catering to both conventional and takaful products.

The impact of Sun Life Malaysia’s solutions and initiatives extends beyond its core operations, as the company takes pride in its commitment to effect positive change in local communities through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavours. Notably, the Brighter Health Blood Glucose Screening Programme, which commenced in 2019 and is now in its fourth iteration, aims to heighten awareness about diabetes prevention by offering free screening at selected pharmacies. To date, the programme has positively impacted over 21,000 Malaysians.

Looking forward, Sun Life Malaysia envisions a promising growth trajectory driven by growing awareness and demands for financial protection. The company’s strategic goals encompass deepening product innovation, ramping up digitalisation, and expanding its agency force to ensure a broader population can benefit from personalised insurance and takaful coverage.

To learn more about Sun Life Malaysia’s 101h annniverary celebrations, please visit

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