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IJM Land’s Deepavali Charity Cheer Programme Illuminates The Seremban Community

As the festival of lights draws nearer, IJM Seremban 2 returns with its annual Deepavali Charity Cheer Programme, dedicated to serving the local community of Seremban. This charity programme aims to provide assistance to underprivileged families during the festive season, allowing them to celebrate the joy of Deepavali with their loved ones.

The Deepavali Charity Cheer Programme reflects IJM Seremban 2’s commitment to being a dependable community support pillar. Deepavali is a time for joy, celebration, and unity, and in an effort to enhance the well-being of the community in Seremban, the property developer assisted six underprivileged families who come from low-income backgrounds, often with modest employment, including long-standing members of the community who work in labour-intensive roles. 

Mr. Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land Berhad shared that this year’s initiative is focused on alleviating the financial burdens these families face, allowing them to partake in a joyous celebration. 

“Witnessing the resilience and perseverance of the families we supported this year has truly reaffirmed our belief in the power of community assistance. Our efforts aim to not only alleviate financial strains but also to ignite a spark of hope and positivity within the hearts of those in need. It is our privilege to serve and make a meaningful difference in the lives of the Seremban community,” said Mr. Chai.

Each family received RM1,000 in financial support along with goodwill packages consisting of essential items worth RM600, including rice, cooking oil, flour, biscuits and more. Among the beneficiaries were Madam Tilakawati Muthusamy, a 47-year-old single mother of two who has taken on the role of breadwinner for her family following her husband’s recent passing due to Thyroid cancer. She now works as a cleaner at an International School in Seremban, demonstrating remarkable perseverance and diligence in providing for her family. 

Another recipient was 73-year-old Madam Ponnamah Arumugam, a single mother to her adopted son who has been struggling to secure a stable job due to her battle with Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, Madam Komala Tanjoh Maleh and Yoga Kumar Retnasamy who are also the beneficiaries of IJM Land myHome Programme this year received help after their lives took a turn for the worse when they lost their family home, as a result of a sudden short circuit. The entire family sought refuge at their sister-in-law’s house as they struggled to recover from their financial situation to rebuild their home. The programme also benefited Madam Komathi Selvanathan, Madam Maheswary Tharmalingam and Madam Lalitha Supramaniam, all of whom faced similar circumstances and grappled with financial challenges.

“At IJM Land, we have always recognised the profound importance of uplifting those in need and making even the slightest difference within our community. The Deepavali Charity Cheer Programme serves as a testament to our enduring commitment to rekindling the festive spirit and spreading joy to every corner of the community. We believe that by extending a helping hand, we can create a ripple effect of positivity, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity that lies at the heart of every festive celebration,” concluded Mr. Chai.

The Deepavali Charity Cheer Programme has been held annually since 2018 for the community’s benefit, and IJM Land hopes to continue its efforts by engaging in various charitable activities to assist families in need in the future.

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