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Charting The Course: Delving Into The Visionary Journey Of Airbot’s Co-Founder And Regional Director In Reinventing Home Living


Meet Mr. Ong Chun Hong, the driving force behind Airbot’s commitment to reshaping household routines through cutting-edge appliances.

Since its inception in 2008, Airbot has been on a mission to make keeping homes clean easier and more accessible. Founded in Singapore, the company has become known for creating high-quality yet affordable home appliances that fit seamlessly into modern lifestyles. From cordless vacuum cleaners to air purifiers, Airbot’s products are designed to simplify household chores and enhance the overall living experience.

Among Airbot’s standout products are the Airbot Aria Lite High-Speed Hair Dryer, the Airbot Aura 19000Pa Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and the Airbot Hypersonics Pro 27000Pa Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Each of these gadgets embodies Airbot’s commitment to innovation and user-friendly design, offering top-notch performance and convenience. However, the newest addition to the Airbot family, the L108S Pro Ultra Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, takes home cleaning to a whole new level.

During our conversation with Mr. Ong Chun Hong, Co-founder and Regional Director of Airbot, he shared fascinating insights into Airbot’s broader mission in the home appliance industry and the Airbot Robotic Vacuum L108S Pro Ultra.

When asked about the inspiration behind the L108S Pro Ultra, Mr. Ong provided an engaging narrative that emphasised the company’s commitment to simplifying household chores while delivering exceptional performance. He recounted how the idea for the L108S Pro Ultra stemmed from a desire to address common pain points faced by consumers in maintaining a clean home. Mr. Ong expressed that Airbot’s goal was not just to create another robotic vacuum cleaner, but rather to introduce a revolutionary product that redefines the cleaning experience. He emphasised the importance of striking a balance between cutting-edge technology and affordability, ensuring that the L108S Pro Ultra remains accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Delving into the unique features of the L108S Pro Ultra, Mr. Ong elaborated on the practical benefits of its auto-mopping function. He explained how this innovative feature utilises advanced technology to detect and address stubborn stains on various floor surfaces, providing users with a hassle-free cleaning experience. He mentioned the importance of user-centric design in the development process, highlighting how Airbot continuously seeks feedback from consumers to refine and enhance its products.

When the conversation shifted towards Airbot’s presence in the Malaysian market, Mr. Ong expressed enthusiasm about the potential impact of the L108S Pro Ultra. “We’re incredibly excited about the launch of the L108S Pro Ultra in the Malaysian market. We believe that its innovative features and competitive pricing will resonate with Malaysian consumers who are looking for efficient and convenient cleaning solutions for their homes. We anticipate a positive reception and are eager to see the impact it will have on households across Malaysia,” mentioned Mr. Ong.  He spoke passionately about Airbot’s commitment to understanding the unique needs and preferences of Malaysian consumers, citing the company’s localised approach to product development and marketing. 

Looking ahead, Mr. Ong painted a compelling vision for Airbot’s future in the home appliance industry. He mentioned “We’re constantly exploring new technologies and ideas to push the boundaries of home cleaning. Committed to delivering smart and connected home appliances that not only streamline everyday tasks but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Whether it’s leveraging artificial intelligence or prioritising eco-friendly practices, you can expect to see us continue to innovate and redefine the home appliance industry.” 

Airbot’s journey of innovation continues to redefine the way we approach home cleaning. With products like the L108S Pro Ultra leading the way, Airbot remains committed to delivering top-quality solutions that enhance the lives of consumers worldwide.

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