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4 Wellness Tech Father’s Day Gifts For Every Cool Dad Courtesy Of Garmin


Finding the perfect gift for your dad can often feel like a daunting task, especially when he seems to have everything he needs. As the head of the family, dads often prioritise the needs of others and may overlook caring for his own health. This Father’s Day, instead of opting for traditional gifts like t-shirts or ties, why not surprise him with a heartfelt gesture that shows your love and appreciation for his well-being. Your choice of gift speaks volumes, so choose something he can carry with him wherever he goes as a constant reminder of your care.

Whether your dad is a running enthusiast, a golf aficionado, an outdoor adventurer, or simply appreciates the finer things in life, Garmin has the perfect solution with their latest line of wearables. Here are four standout watches that seamlessly blend style with functionality, offering a timeless gift that he will cherish for years to come.

For running fanatic dad: Reap life-extending benefits of running with the Forerunner 165


Running is said to bring many physical and mental benefits, from having a better physical build, to preventing diseases, improving moods, promoting mindfulness and offering a more fulfilling life. Help dad reap these health benefits with a budget friendly running buddy, such as the Forerunner 165 which makes an ideal choice for dads passionate about running. Whether he is a casual jogger or training for his next marathon, this watch is equipped with features tailored to monitor his running progress and overall health, making it a valuable companion on his running journey. Offering more than just basic run tracking, the Forerunner 165 provides excellent value for money with its comprehensive functionality.

Your dad is sure to be thrilled with this watch and eager to showcase it to his running buddies. The Forerunner 165 and Forerunner 165 Music retails at a suggested price of RM1,290 and RM1,550 respectively, definitely worth the investment.

For outdoor adventurer dad: Build better endurance and a clearer head space with the fēnix 7 Pro


Nature is a remarkable remedy, nurturing the body and mind alike. For your adventurous dad, it is both a playground to push physical boundaries and a haven to prioritise mental well-being, away from the hustle of the city. Those unsung heroes in our lives deserve only the best for his outdoor escapades. The fēnix 7 Pro is the right match, built with different sports features to cater to any activity, solar charging to hold the watch’s battery for long adventures and in-built LED flashlights for night adventures. The fēnix 7 Pro is also Malaysian celebrity Alif Satar’s personal favourite wearable from Garmin, for its unbeatable performance that supports his adventures outdoors or when he is on the move for his filming and shoots.

Give your dad the gift of endless adventures and show your unwavering support for his passion with the fēnix 7 Pro, retailing at a suggested price of RM4,450 for 42mm and 47mm, RM4,950 for the 51mm.

For golf aficionado dad: Build flexibility and body coordination with the Approach S70

Golf offers a fantastic opportunity for dad to incorporate aerobic activity into his routine, promoting flexibility, coordination, and cardiovascular health, especially beneficial for less active, older dads. The Approach S70 is tailor-made for golfing dads, seamlessly blending golf features with Garmin’s health tech, enabling better swings and health monitoring both on and off the course. Its upgraded AMOLED display ensures clear visibility, even in bright sunlight for dads to monitor his every match on the course. Plus, it gives your dad a chance to spark conversations and share more golfing insights with his friends.

Get him excited for his next match play with the Approach S70 that retails at a suggested price of RM3,210 for the 42mm and RM3,460 for the 47mm.

For the bougie businessman dads: Manage jet lag for maximised physical and mental performance with the MARQ Gen 2 Carbon series


The MARQ Gen 2 Carbon series is the perfect luxury smartwatch for businessman dads who travel across continents for work or leisure. With its Jet Lag Advisor feature, busy dads who frequently travel for work can combat the negative effects of jetlag and seamlessly adjust to different time zones to perform his best even on work travels. With its premium design, it also ensures that your dad looks and feels his best on any occasion. Whether he is attending a formal affair or enjoying quality time with his family, the MARQ Carbon series is sure to turn heads and spark conversations wherever he goes.

You have the option to choose between two versions: The Golfer, designed for dads who have a passion for golf, and The Athlete, perfect for busy dads who frequent the gym or love outdoor adventures. The watches retails at a suggested price of RM16,180 and RM15,399 respectively, and come with two interchangeable straps to suit different preferences and occasions.

Celebrate your dad, the unsung hero who often goes unrecognised for his unwavering support as the backbone of the family. If you are searching for the ideal gift that truly expresses your gratitude, explore the diverse range of watches available at Garmin online store with free shipping or on Shopee, Lazada or AECO e-store, Garmin brand stores and selected authorised sellers.

To find out more information about Garmin and the wearables they offer, visit

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