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Give Them The Guts to Explore the World

(from left) Pn. Zuraida Shahime; Pn. Rozanna Rosly; Imun Lim, Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad; Eyra Hazali; Audrey Ooi. The Friso® Gold #GutsToExplore Roadshow 2024 is happening at IOI Mall Putrajaya’s Concourse (LG), East Court from 3 to 9 June 2024, featuring interactive activities that are designed to foster natural exploration in children

Friso® Gold, a brand of Dutch dairy expertise with strong heritage dating back 150 years across numerous markets worldwide, has launched a new campaign to spotlight the importance of gut protection in nurturing children’s growth and development. Under the banner, Give Them the Guts to Explore the World,” the campaign empowers parents with children aged one and above to strengthen their child’s gut, enabling them to explore the world with confidence.  

“This campaign stems from Friso® Gold’s belief in the goodness of natural nutrition, harnessing and preserving nature’s gifts in harmony with science and modern technology to provide children quality checked formula milk that is easy on tummies. As such, the campaign, which kicked off with the #GutsToExplore Roadshow 2024 in Sunway Pyramid sought to encourage parents to empower their kids to explore their world,” said Imun Lim, Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad. 


(in picture) Imun Lim, Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad introducing Friso® Gold’s “Give Them the Guts to Explore the World” campaign and new formulation featuring 2’-FL, which plays an important role in children’s gut microbiota development

The roadshow also included a panel session held in conjunction with World Milk Day, which celebrated the journey of childhood development while shining a spotlight on the foundational role of gut protection. 

Present at the event was dietitian and nutrition expert for children and adolescents, Rozanna Rosly; as well as Parenting Coach and certified Speech Therapist, Zuraida Shahime. Also gracing the discussion were actress and model, Eyra Hazali; as well entrepreneur and advocate for parenting with purpose, Audrey Ooi, who delved into the joys and struggles of parenthood while emphasising holistic exploration and learning. 

From a nutritional standpoint, Rozanna Rosly shared, “The importance of nutrition in enabling children to explore cannot be overstated, especially the area of gut protection, which is often overlooked. The gut plays a central role in nutrient absorption, and a diet rich in fibre, probiotics, and prebiotics, are essential in maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. 

These nutrients support the growth of beneficial bacteria, improve digestion, and reduce the risk of infections and illnesses.”


(from left, after emcee) Pn. Zuraida Shahime, Parenting Coach and certified Speech Therapist; Pn. Rozanna Rosly, Dietitian and child/adolescent nutrition expert from Sunway Medical Centre; Eyra Hazali, Malaysian Actress and Model; Audrey Ooi (FourFeetNine), Blogger and Content Creator, share their invaluable viewpoints and guidance on nurturing our children’s curiosity and well-being, with a special focus on supporting gut protection

“Additionally, the gut produces key neurotransmitters like serotonin, vital for mood regulation and emotional balance. By protecting our children’s guts, we can help them manage stress, reduce anxiety, and maintain a positive emotional state, which supports growth,” she explained.

Meanwhile, talking about children’s inherent curiosity, Zuraida Shahime said, “children are experts at finding wonder in the smallest things – from shadows on the wall to the sounds of the wind in the trees. Their boundless curiosity drives them to explore, touch, and experience everything around them, guiding them on a journey of discovery that teaches them about the world and themselves. A protected gut allows them to learn and grow, building the foundation for their minds and hearts as they become the amazing adults they’ll one day be. Parents and educators play an important role in this journey, creating environments and providing guidance that nurture this innate drive to explore.” 

Friso® Gold now introduces a new formulation with the inclusion of 2’-FL which plays an important role in children’s gut microbiota development. Made from quality-checked NOVAS Signature Milk, Friso® Gold is specially formulated with over 50 essential nutrients like DHA, Calcium, Protein, Vitamins and Minerals to support children’s development. Utilising LocNutri™ technology, it preserves the natural structure of milk proteins for easy digestion, while the inclusion of GOS, nucleotides and Bifido Lactis enhances nutrient absorption and bolsters internal defences.

The Friso® Gold #GutsToExplore Roadshow 2024 continues its journey at IOI City Mall Putrajaya’s Concourse (LG), East Court from 3 to 9 June 2024, with a series of interactive activities designed to foster natural exploration in children. This includes a petting zoo, a croquet game and a sand castle. 

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