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Fresh Produce Will Abandon In Quarantine, Here’s Two Tips To Keep It Fresh For 2 To 3 Weeks

Image via Rozlyn Farah Diana

If you go to the market and buy vegetables, how long does it take?

For those who live in a single house, they should buy in small quantities. Buy a bunch to eat for one person only.

Twitter user @MadeByRozlyn has shared on Twitter about tips for storing vegetables for a long time.

It is understood that the stock of vegetables can last up to three weeks through this storage method.

Let’s see how it works:

Few supermarkets have suggested that this method works because paper or tissue can absorb moisture and keep the vegetables fresh at all times.

Later when purchasing vegetables, please follow the tips above.

Especially during this period of the Movement Control Order. It definitely helps and we don’t need to go out to the market every day.

Sources: Twitter Something Made by RozlynRo

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