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“Pray For Me,” Ernie’s New Look Received Compliments From The Fans

Erni Zakri admits it has been a long time for her to be crowned and finally decided to donning hijab on Tuesday (24 March 2020).

According to Ernie or her real name Nur Ernie Shahirah Zakri, 28, she realized she made a lot of mistakes and now it’s time to change slowly.

“Thank you so much, pray for me ya..amin.

Owner of song ‘Ku Bersuara’ also shared a photo of her first appearance wearing a hijab on her Instagram page on Tuesday.

Netizen and all celebrity friends also expressed their joy and prayed for Erni.

In the meantime, Ernie said she hopes fans will not misunderstand when they watched any program that shows herself without a hijab.

“If there were any fans or viewers who watched me still free hair on any TV programs, it would be a long shot before I covered it.

“I am worried that people will be mistaken. Insha Allah, I will wear more appropriate clothes and covered my aurat well.”

Sources: Ernie Zakri

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