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(Video) Neighbour Caught Escaping Lockdown By Dressing As A Bush

Picture via Caters News Agency

Recently, there was a video that gone viral on the internet about a person who was caught on camera dressed as a bush to try and sneak out of the house.

Couples Nicholas Murray and Madeline Mai-Davies, from Stevenage United Kingdom, uploaded the video on the TikTok app. It can be seen in the video that their neighbor is dressed head-to-toe in bushes as he crawls and walks the street just to go to the shops.

“Looking back, I didn’t expect the video to go that viral and get 16.5 million views,” said Murray.

“Whilst in this difficult time we want to bring smiles laughs, and hope,” he added.

For now, the UK is also fighting against COVID-19 with more than 25,000 confirmed cases.

Source: The Sun, Global Entertainment Tube, NewsHub

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