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Why Ventilators Are Important In Saving People With Covid-19?

Health authorities around the world are trying to find a way to fill their hospitals with more ventilators to address the rising number of coronaviruses. But, do you know what is a ventilator and why it is important at this time? Below was information provided by the BBC about ventilator machines.

Picture via Daily Express

What is a ventilator and what does it do?

In short, ventilators take over the body’s respiratory process when the disease causes the lungs to fail. This gives the patient time to fight infection and recover. Different types of medical ventilation can be used.

Picture via BBC/Hamilton Medical

According to the World Health Organization, about 80% of people with COVID-19 infection can recover without the need for hospital treatment.

But in six people only one person becomes seriously ill and can experience difficulty in breathing.

Even in severe cases, the virus causes damage to the lungs. The body’s immune system detects this and expands the bloodstream to allow more immune cells to enter.

But, unfortunately, this can cause fluid to enter the lungs, making it more difficult to breathe, and causing lower levels of oxygen.

According to the BBC, ventilator machines are important to use to overcome this kind of case. It is used to raise air, with increasing oxygen levels, into the lungs.

Ventilation also has a humidifier, which modifies the addition of heat and moisture to the medical air to match the patient’s body temperature.

Patients will be given medication to relax their respiratory muscles so that their breathing can be fully controlled by the machine.

While ventilation machines important for people with heavier symptoms, people with milder symptoms can be given ventilation using facemasks, nasal masks or mouthpieces that allow pressurized air or a mixture of gas to be pressed into the lungs.

Source: BBC

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