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Woman Drinks 2 Cups of Milk Tea Daily Slips Into 5-Day Coma

Picture: Sina/Google

Milk tea is one of the most popular drinks in Asia right now, especially among youngsters. But, if taken too frequently, it might affect our health.

A girl from Shanghai, China has fallen into a coma for 5 days after drinking 2 cups of milk tea every day for 1 month. As reported by, the girl was an avid milk tea lover and does not like to exercise.

The 18 years old girl was found unconscious on May 2 and send to Ruijin Hospital in Jiading, Shanghai by ambulance.

The emergency medical staff has suspected that she had gone into comatose because of high blood sugar after checking on her blood pressure levels. The girl was sent to Emergency Intensive Care Unit (EICU) room immediately.

Picture: Sina

According to the medical staff, they found that the girl’s blood sugar levels were around 25 times higher than normal people after conducting a blood test.

She also had symptoms like dryness on the mouth, nausea, and polyuria (a frequent urge to urinate) for more than a week before she falls into a coma.

The EICU team was then instructed to carry out a series of rescue measures like mechanical ventilation, fluid resuscitation, and even tracheal intubation to save the girl.

The girl gradually regained consciousness after 5 days of coma and does not need help from a ventilator. She was transferred to Nanxiang Hospital for further treatment on June 1.

Before she was transferred, she has promised the EICU team in Ruijin hospital that she will never drink milk tea again.


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