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3 Ways To Control Your Anger & Get Rid Unstable Emotional Habits

Recently, there was an uproar on social media about an influencer who went to a restaurant because she wants to taste the food for review. As result, she was banned from doing ‘live stream’ in the restaurant.

Not only the live stream video in the restaurant but the influencer also went viral with another live video which she angrily insulted and embarrassed a person. However, the influencer has apologized and admitted her mistake.

When we talk about anger, it is a normal emotion as well as a natural reaction to any threat and discomfort. When faced with a threat, anger can make a person energetic to fight or defend themselves.

However, social law and ethics have set limits to allow an individual to express anger. Anger will push you to act violently and let your heart alone and this will result in injuries to the public, including yourself. Therefore, we need to control that grumpy attitude.

Dealing with anger in grief - under the anger is pain

How can you deal with anger?

There are 3 ways you can do that, namely express it, hold it back, and calm down. Expressing your anger appropriately (firmly, confidently and in control) is the best and most effective way.

To do this, you need to know how to express what you feel is clear, what you want, and how to fulfill it without hurting others. Acting firmly does not mean being pushy or overly demanding; it means respecting yourself others.

You can also control anger by not thinking about related things and thinking positively about other things. There are ways to calm down when angry and among them are as follows:

  • Extend and slow down your breathing
  • Slow down or stop your movements so that your heart rate can be lowered
  • Focus on positive thinking
  • Jokes to get rid of anger
  • Move away from the environment and resources that contribute to your anger

Everyone has their own attitude. Still, it depends on how we control ourselves. Remember, anger only invites negative things!

Be rational and think before you act.


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