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5 Best Instagram Story Apps For Android And iOS Everyone Should Own

Picture: Google

Everyone must know about Instagram Story, right? It is an attractive feature that allows users to post a series of short photos or videos on Instagram for 24 hours.

According to GetInsta, Instagram can attract more than 500 million active users a day. Not surprisingly, they have become one of the hottest social media trends this year.

However, did you know that there are applications that can help produce an interesting and creative Instagram Story?

Based on GetInsta, here are the top 5 apps for Instagram Story that works on Android and iOS:

1) InShot


This app is perfect for people who are looking for an all-in-one content creator. InShot is specifically designed to make your content perfect for Instagram Stories posts or any other video platform. Interestingly, the app can convert existing videos into various aspect ratios, and you can resize and adjust them easily to fit Instagram Story. Not only that, but InShot also comes with text, stickers, emoji, and other design effects that can be added to your photos and videos.

2) Unfold

Picture: Bless This Stuff

Unfold is an app that perfect for people looking for minimal and stylish Instagram Story templates. From clear and clean frames to cute layered polaroids, every brand has a template to create. It is so easy to use that you do not have to be a professional designer to make your Instagram Story look creative. This application does not require you to create an account. All you have to do is download it and then start creating and sharing Instagram stories in high resolution.

3) Mojo

Picture: Google

People that searching for creating ‘professional-looking social videos, this app might suit you. The animation is now a hot new trend, so adding animation to IG Stories is the best way to create very interesting content. It contains hundreds of animated templates that can be used for any type of content you publish. Various categories can be selected such as food, travel, and even storytelling. The template is fully customizable, making it easy to trim, crop, add effects, titles, animations, change speeds, colors, and more.

4) Clipomatic (iOS Only)

Picture: Google

This app usually for people who want to add captions to videos. As stated by GetInsta, you just need to press the ‘record’ button and say clearly. Then, your words will be displayed on your video. Also, artistic filters can be used to enhance your video. The apps also support more than 40 languages.

5) Highlight Cover Maker

Picture: GetInsta

This app is for people who want to quickly create beautiful covers. It allows users to easily create high-quality IG Story highlights covers and quickly add mojo to your Instagram profile. The app comes with more than 500 cover icons, logos, symbols, and stickers, including watercolors, cartoons, and other styles as well as different mojo colors, such as black and white. It contains more than 200 background textures, like marble, watercolor, and niki paper textures. You just need to open it on your phone to quickly create beautiful covers with a few clicks, even without the need of creating an account in the app.

Source: GetInsta

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