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5 Ridiculous Facts Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

People say learning is a lifetime process. There are always going to be knowledge and even fun facts that nobody knows as a whole. You will discover something new every day. Even though some of the facts would sound so ridiculous, but it is the truth. These are some ridiculous facts that are actually true. Read all about it.

1) Sneeze produced could travel 100 miles per hour and also shoots 100,000 germs into the air.

The reason why you sneeze is that you wanted to expel all the mucus containing small particles or even irritants that are foreign for the human body. Sneezing also helps a lot to clean our nasal cavity. That is why there are so many germs in our sneeze because all of that is not good for our bodies. Because of that, we have to always wear our masks and cover our mouth when we sneeze during this Covid-19 Pandemic.

2) Human has the ability to do echolocation, just like what the bat and also whale used to do.

Echolocation is actually a technique usually used by whales, bats, and many other animals to figure out the location of certain objects using the nature of reflected sound. This ability help all these animals to move around in a surrounding that is completely dark. Surprisingly, human also is capable to do echolocation. It is normally used by blind people to help them “see” their environment. Normal people also are able to do echolocation when they learn the skill and apply that skill regularly.

3) Polar Bears and Grizzlies have been mating with each other in the Arctic and they produce Pizzly.

Pizzly is a hybrid animal between the grizzly and polar bear. This hybrid is finally confirmed when they tested the DNA of a bear that is unique looking that had been brutally shot near Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories on Banks Island in the Canadian Arctic.

4) Urine was used by Ancient Romans to whiten their teeth.

Despite how disgusting it sounds, this fact is true. Ancient Romans do use their own urine and also animal’s urine to help them whiten their teeth. They used the mentioned urine as a mouthwash. Surprisingly, it actually works. This is because, urine contains ammonia, a compound of nitrogen, and also hydrogen. All these ingredients could act as a cleansing agent.

5) Flamingos change color to pink because of all the shrimps they eat.

Flamingos are a type of wading bird and they come from the Phoenicopteridae family. In fact, they are the only bird family in the order of Phoenicopteriformes. To survive, flamingo loves to eat algae and invertebrates. Because of that, flamingos turn into the color of reddish-pink from the special coloring chemicals known as pigments found in their foods that they consume.

Sources: The Active Times.

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