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Aware Enough to Take Care of Your Health? Here Are Your Guide to Metabolic Health

Post-pandemic has made more people become conscious of their health. It could be because of the lockdown that has made us live a not-so-healthy lifestyle.

Eating habits play a big portion of our lifestyle. Our well-beingness always depends on what we had consumed in our everyday life. So, what should we need to pay attention to our eating habits?

Dr. Estrelita van Rensburg, a nutrition expert said that the rate of metabolic disease increases can be a result of us consuming too many carbohydrates. There are many diseases that were related to metabolic rates such as heart disease, dementia, and diabetes.

When patients were diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension, they will directly be given medicine prescriptions. However, the patient’s lifestyle has always been left without being analyzed properly. Carbohydrates can come from foods such as sugar, bread, flour, and grains.  It is suspected that sugar was the main reason for the increase in diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

In the 1920s, people were advised to avoid eating carbohydrates completely as insulin has not been discovered during the era. The guidance is still relevant until today, and it shall not be restricted on for diabetes.

Dr. Estrella suggested that we should be cutting back on our daily carbohydrate intakes and make up the loss with good fat and proteins.


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