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Explore Yourself With These 7 Types Of Genre Music That Suit Your Personality

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Music is a pleasure that can calm us down. According to scientists, music has many benefits to improve one’s soul, and even sometimes, sad genre music can also give a calming aura to the listener.

Indeed, music has its own power and at the same time gives a successful impact to produce a unique personality in a person. It shares the persona of a person who can be measured through his favorite music genre.

Music is nature. As human beings, it is awkward for us to meet people who have never heard music. Although a person is not interested in music for sure, when asked, what song they like to listen to, there must be 1 or 2 songs to be mentioned.

Here are 7 types of genre music that suit your personality or not.


Do not confuse between a rock and metallic because usually the lyrical stanzas and metal music are rougher and ‘noisy’ to hear. If you are a fan of metallic music such as Gun and Roses, Black Sabbath, or Megadeth, this means you are a person who stands firm, not fake, and sincere to be yourself.

2. Classic

According to Dr. North, a fan of classical music is usually creative, confident but an introvert (shy and lonely). Other facts also prove that classical music fans are very smart! According to a study conducted, Beethoven fans generally achieved higher scores in SAT tests than those who did not.

3. Hip-Hop

Lively rhythm, hip-hop music fans are usually cheerful and active and they even have the skills to balance time well ( multitask ). In other words, they are extroverts because they are good at expressing themselves and are confident. Like the speed of conversation in hip-hop music, their brains are also moving fast you know ?!

4. Pop

Not creative but very easy to be friendly with others. It is easy to say that they are friendly but from another angle, are anxious individuals. Therefore, they often use lively pop music to relieve anxiety and then return to create a happy mood within themselves.

5. Rock

Easy to approach but a bit selfish. Rock music can be divided into several categories where Classical Rock fans are very careful as they associate a lot of songs with their life stories.

6. Rock Indie

Rock indie fans are creative and open to accepting the current situation but have problems with self-ethics. Fans of Rock PunkThey are human beings who are often depressed. Oppss!

7. Jazz and RnB

Usually, individuals who love this genre of music are critical and very creative. They like to use music as a medium to move the brain, imagine something, and then process the vision into reality.

So, what is your favorite music?


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