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Heartbroken Dog Digs Grave For Her Dead Puppy After Failed To Revive It

Philippines, September 15, Owner Lenny Rose Ellema recorded a video of the affectionate dog digging the grave in their backyard in Pangasinan province. The devastated pooch Bettie tragically lost the young pup, and its owners said she had tried to revive it by trying to breastfeed its lifeless mouth.

Lenny said that the finally gave up trying to revive her baby after a few hours before then burying it in the ground.

Video of the burial has since gone viral on social media which shows Bettie scraping the hole with her front paws before dropping the lifeless puppy in it and even then covering its body with soil. She then sits on the grave as she mourns the loss of her baby.

The owner said that the four-year-old dog had lost puppies in a previous litter and had shown the same maternal instincts to take care of them, even though they were sadly dead.

She said, “We did not train her to do it. We were amazed when she first did that last year with another puppy. She is a special dog.”

“I would try to take the puppy away but she would not let me so I left them there until she was ready to bury it,” Lenny added.

For those who wonder, the dog returned to her usual happy self after a few days and is now taking care of her remaining puppies.

Source: Daily Star

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