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Japanese Gamer Gained Muscles After Six Months Playing Nintendo Switch Fitness Game

Playing games from the Nintendo Switch is not all wasting of time or even unbeneficial. There are also its own benefits that players can get from playing with it. For example, being healthy and having great physique after playing with Nintendo Switch. This is what happened towards a Japanese man who is also a gamer.

This Japanese man with the Twitter profile @_kz9, went viral after he shared his body transformation that happened towards him after he played Ring Fit Adventure using his Nintendo Switch. He stated that he played this particular game for six months and because of that, his body changes completely after that.

Picture: @_kz9

He also shared a photo of him before he even started to play the game on November 2019 and compared it with his images of his current body figures on July 2020. This 24 year old Japanese gamer went viral on twitter because of his body transformation that already got toned muscles now.

Based on his caption, he stated that “It’s the result of the nerd doing a ring fit for half a year. Please inspect”. The game that he played not only helped him to lose weight a lot but it also made him ripped and achieved great body figures. His amazing transformation caught a lot of attention from netizens all around the world. There are over 22 thousand Twitter users retweeted the tweet and also it got about 82.2 thousand likes from the Twitter platform.

Sources: Twitter.

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