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Newlywed in Japan Will Receive RM23,600 From Government To Boost Childbirth Rate

Surviving life in Japan can be very competitive. Many Japanese can fall into being a workaholic as they have to strive hard in their work for a living.

Due to this, most Japanese are too focused on their work and give less attention to their own life. Even to the extent, they avoid getting married as it would cost them money and they have to work harder when they have children. This has lead Japan to have a low childbirth rate.

In order to overcome this matter, the Japanese government is taking a new measure to encourage the citizens to get married by giving a grant of 600,000 yen (about RM23,600) to newlywed.

Financially stable is something that is so important in Japanese society. Thus, the government decided to give the grant to help couples covering the budget for their wedding.

Before this, the government already implemented the grant of 300,000 yen to the newlywed with higher eligibility requirements. This time, the Japanese government had lowered the requirements. Starting from next year, a newlywed whose age 39 or younger and household income of 5.4 million yen will be eligible to receive the grant.

The government hopes that the grant will be helpful to cover living expenses for them after getting married. The grant is expected to be given to citizens who are going to marry starting from April next year.


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